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Pritesh Patil

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Content Strategist,
Marketing Specialist &
Data-Driven Storyteller

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About me

I’m a media expert and marketing strategist shuttling between Seattle and Mumbai, with experience in product development, business planning, advertising & branding.
I have written two speculative fiction novels.

Futurist, Novelist &
Data-Driven Storyteller

Cross-cultural Marketing expert with an entrepreneurial bent and a proven record of driving growth across the technology, advertising and sports ecosystem. Solutions driven storyteller with an eye for branding, business partnerships & content strategy.

I am adept at deciphering consumer journeys and optimizing every touchpoint into meaningful engagement with the user.

What I do

As the Creative Director for Communication Leadership Consulting, I am the lead consultant working with small and mission-driven businesses and non-profits in the Greater Seattle region on pro-bono Marketing, User Research, User Interface Design and Communication projects that benefit both our students and the client. This includes content creation, digital communications, and business strategy. I oversee the consultancy’s creative direction, outreach, and team workflow. I also assisted with volunteer recruitment and event planning. I gained experience leading virtual teams and planning for growth as a consultant. I was the Head of Media for the sports wing of a 50-year-old business in Mumbai, India. In my free time, I write novels, read books from across the length & breadth of the universal library, and tinker with entrepreneurial ideas. I am pursuing the Masters of Communication Leadership in Digital Media (STEM) at the University of Washington (Seattle).


I have 8+ years of experience in working with cross-functional teams as a marketing strategist. I have used data-driven marketing and strategy to assist 54+ clients across the Greater Seattle area. Most recently, I pitched a customer acquisitions project worth $32 million in monthly revenue to the CEO of T-Mobile.


I have written two speculative fiction novels and a number of SFF stories. My short story is on the moon as a part of the Writers on the Moon program. I have completed a storytelling workshop taught by the SFWA president on a full scholarship and written for numerous websites and publications.

Digital marketing

I have a decade of experience in working with FMCG products, SMEs and advertising agencies in roles ranging from brand strategist, to marketing consultant. I ledthe media & content vertical for the sports arm of a 5-year-old business and strategized a one-of-its kind sports documentary series at the intersection of culture, media, food and travel right from market research using YouTube analytics and Google Data Studio.

Now Reading: The Digital Crown by Ahava Leibtag

Below percentages are based on university grades & industry feedback.

Marketing Strategy
Google Analytics
Google AdWords
Business Planning
Market Research
Meta Business Suite
Content Marketing
Video Production & Scripting
Digital Marketing Strategy
User Research
Adobe Suite


creative director

• Orchestrated between multiple content resources – newsletters, blogs, social media posts, and emails, to increase organic traffic, generate leads and create smooth communication channels across three audiences using the art of storytelling.
• Consolidated the social analysis and organic SEO performance reports on two blogs and websites to identify opportunities to optimize strategy and content.
• Lead 54 client consultations with mission-driven businesses and non-profits in the Greater Seattle area on Marketing, Business Strategy, User Research, User Interface Design and Communications Projects.
• Design quarterly newsletters for three sets of audiences and maintain a minimum opening rate of 63% and increase participation by at least 42%.
• Built and analyzed surveys, ethnographic interviews, and comparative studies with data across 144 clients and 312 volunteers to craft the strategic direction of the consultancy.
• Lead a team of 4; driving weekly meetings with internal and external stakeholders and mentored 4 volunteers every quarter.
• Created two new products and developed a structured work-study program to enhance student experience & skillset.



• Identified new markets, analyzed consumer segments, and pitched a Customer Acquisitions program worth $32.3 million monthly new revenue streams to the CEO.
• Analyzed T-Mobile’s Base Audience to study behavioral differences within generations and build marketing strategy.
• Collaborated with the Data & Analytics team to understand audience engagement rates across their lifetime.
• Analyzed quantitative and qualitative user survey data and drove brainstorming sessions to create a data-driven Appreciation Program & Customer Retention Framework to grow Likelihood to Recommend by 25%.
• Conducted a competitive analysis to highlight areas of improvement and study market trends.
• Researched engagement increment ideas to increase impressions and online and offline engagement rates for the base.
• Assisted cross-functional teams on digital marketing and new media strategies for international markets.


head of media

• Built the media and content vertical and led sports-technology product development across India.
• Created sub-brands and increased digital reach 4X every quarter using a mix of paid and organic BTL strategies.
• Led a team of 3, synthesized an intern development program and mentored 12 interns every quarter.
• Developed India’s first sports-tech incubator and led partnerships with universities to create a talent, ideas & product pipeline.


Copywriter & Brand strategist

• Analysed data from 35000 monthly active users to guide marketing and product strategies using Tableau.
• Lead the marketing team for travel portal Ixigo’s flagship FIFA World Cup campaign and achieved 40% growth.
• Attained 1 million+ organic impressions for Live.me’s digital marketing campaign on multiple platforms.
• Managed key client accounts such as Live.me, MPower, FFC, etc.
• Wrote copy across all media channels, from digital to OOH to Print.


Knowlex Healthcare LLP.

digital marketing consultant

• Created a business and digital marketing plan leading to 10,000 downloads in 3 months and bootstrapped the start-up.
• Develop new strategies for Paid Social programs and implement them driving engagement up by 78% in a year.
• Led our website audit for optimization and increasing daily traffic through SEO-friendly content.
• Wrote editorials and blogs to aid SEO and developed content strategies to drive organic growth on social media.
• Developed social media marketing content, copyedited articles, and mentored a team of 8 writers.