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Husky Hackathon 2023: Team AdaptEd

Six people. Two days. One idea. AdaptEd.

We presented the AdaptED AI Assistant in the Husky Hackathon today, to meet the needs of overworked K12 teachers and middle-school students with different learning preferences.

To wit: The Problem, Idea and Solution

The Problem: Middle-School Teachers often struggle to reach students working at different paces or levels within the same class.

Teachers juggle between administrative, Pedagogical and caregiving tasks. Given the limited time, it is impossible for them to cater to each student at a personal level. Students on the other hand each have their own learning style and no child is the same. Students needs individualized attention. It is unrealistic to put 30 kids in a single class and think they will all learn the same way.

So, we decided to provide students WHAT they need, meet them WHERE they are and cater to WHO they are.

The Idea: Generate personalized projects, find and report actionable insights

The Solution: AdaptEd

Our AI assistant for adaptive learning will provide students with different learning preferences personalized projects and assesements. The idea is to not just test them but to educate them in such a way that every student is at the same level at the end of the learning journey.

The solution aligns with the fact that every student – and groups of student – learns differently.

Husky Hackathon Team AdaptEd's Solution Cycle
Husky Hackathon Team AdaptEd’s Solution

After achieving product-led growth, our business model is driven by partnerships with public school districts and a Freemium SaaS pricing model. Insights gleaned from the assistant can be used to help school districts improve core curriculum in the long run.

As for the future, it looks like this:

Improved personalization, vertical expansion into areas such as course content creation, partnerships with creators and influencers, and expansion for greater inclusion.

You can catch a glimpse of our presentation here: Google Drive.

And our figma prototype created by Margaret here: Figma Prototype.

And if you have any questions, you can get in touch with me here: Calendly.

Let’s talk shop. 😉

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