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A Marketer’s Perspective on the Inclusive Product Management Summit 2023

I attended the University of Washington – Michael G. Foster School of Business‘s Inclusive Product Management Summit over the weekend. As a storyteller and entrepreneur, a lot of the key takeaways resonated with me as we build products for the future and near-future.

Dona Sarkar‘s talk about inclusion and the way her team at Microsoft practices what they preach with a diversified and truly international team was heartening. It gives me hope we’re building in the right direction.
Dontae Delgado‘s seminar on the Hidden Hurdle of Great Product Manager’s was not only a great Q/A session, but also an insight into how great speaking looks.
Skye Bacus‘s workshop on inclusive product management and computer vision was fun team-building and networking embroiled in one. It was also ‘eye’-opening regarding dataset training and how the largest population on the planet makes for the lowest segment of this model.
And my fellow Mumbaikar, Priyankka Mani‘s talk on driving digital transformation for Lonely Planet while coming from tech was as exciting as it was insightful.

These are just some from the top of my head. I’ve been ruminating on the workshops, the networking, and the sheer talent on display over the last week, and it’s made me excited about building for the future.
Until then, here are a few key takeaways for your perusal. In the interests of brevity, I’ll keep them brief.:

1. Create a Mental Model…

To Challenge the Way you Think

2. Ask Questions…

And make no assumptions. The latter is something I’m trying to get better at.

3. Track patterns…

In your thinking. See if you are becoming overly reliant on something.

4. Inclusive Media…

exposes people to the most accurate representation of society today. Thus, metrics of successful inclusion CAN align with business metrics, and drive profitability.
(I have thoughts regarding steaming’s cancellation of shows if they are not extremely popular, and how these can be aligned, but that’s for another day).

5. The Composition of Responsible AI…

Human Centeredness, Fairness, Transparency + Explainability, Privacy + Security And so much more…

Inclusivity and Accessibility in Product Management
Inclusivity and Accessibility in Product Management

As a soon-to-be new grad from the University of Washington going into Marketing, I’d love to continue in a similar vein and (re)connect with people new and old.
To wit, I am opening my calendly:
Talk to me about Technology, Storytelling, Product, Startups, Grad School, Resumes, Job applications, Interviewing or even Futbol and Speculative Fiction. To find more topics of conversation, my website is 😎

Here’s to building an inclusive and sustainable future.
The Product Management Center at UW

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